What is the difference between Japanese Washi masking tape & a traditional masking tapes?

For hundreds of years, Japanese artisans have produced high strength Washi paper. The very fine-grained Washi paper made from the Mulberry or Gampi tree is perfect for giving a professional straight edge for accurate masking.

Unlike traditional masking tapes with some having to be removed within 24 hours, Washi masking tapes use a unique acrylic formation that extends the usable life of the tape. This formation is beneficial for long paint or maintenance projects, as washi can stay in place for up to 3 months without leaving a residue upon removal.

Pomona’s Genuine Washi Masking Tape has 4 Washi tapes suited to a different application or need.

RR170: Purple Delicate Surface Japanese Washi Tape (Low Adhesion): The perfect painters’ tape for freshly painted surfaces. Strong super thin paper great for interior and exterior masking with clean removal. 60+ days exterior and interior, UV & weather resistant.

RR136: Yellow Premium Multi-purpose Japanese Washi Masking Tape (Low to Medium Adhesion): Super thin paper for supper straight lines in the automotive and decorative markets. Removes cleanly on interior and exterior multi-surface up to 60+ days & has a high-temperature resistance.

RR190: Blue Multi-Surface Japanese Washi Masking Tape (Medium Adhesion): Great for exterior or interior applications with clean removal up to 60+ days. Ideal for painted walls, trim, timber, steel, glass & plastics. Able to be used in most weather conditions.

RR163: Pink Washi Masking Tape (High Tack): Strong super thin paper for perfect straight edge lines. It is suited to the building and construction market. High-temperature resistance and solvent resistance this tape is also ideal for the automotive market.

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