Pomona Paint System


Pomona Paint System

Adapters available for all spray guns



P3180125, P3180190, P3400125, P3400190, P3650125, P3650190, P3850125, P3850190

Standard Sizes

180ml, 400ml, 650ml, 850ml
(all available in 125mic or 190mic)
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  • Cleaner, faster and more efficient
  • Domed lid to improve flow and consistency
  • 50 cups per kit, giving you multiple clean cups
  • 20 plugs to seal and protect coatings upside down
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for all you repair work, small or large

Areas of use

  • Automotive Spray Paint
  • Marine Spray Paint

Applicable Industries

  • Automotive
  • Marine

Pomona Paint System in Action

Pomona Paint System Flyer and Assembly Video

PomonaPaintSystem Flyer

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