Double-Sided Clear uPVC Film Rubber Tape

Liner: Yellow Printed Siliconised Paper
Adhesive Covered Side: Natural Rubber
Carrier: 0.020mm uPVC Film
Adhesive Open Side: Natural Rubber



Standard Sizes

12mm x 33m = 72 Rolls Per Carton
18mm x 33m = 48 Rolls Per Carton
24mm x 33m = 36 Rolls Per Carton
48mm x 33m = 24 Rolls Per Carton

Can be slit to custom sizes & widths, 100m rolls available


S1205: Clear
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  • Hand tearable
  • Good initial tack
  • Good adhesion
  • Removes cleanly on most surfaces
  • Distinctive yellow liner printed with the message “Peel Back to Expose Adhesive”

Areas of use

  • Ideal for general bonding applications
  • Print finishing
  • Excellent cohesion between film carrier and adhesive allows use in applications where clean removal is required

Applicable Industries

  • Office
  • Light Manufacturing Industries
  • Print Industry
  • Retail
  • Point of Sales

Easy Peel Double Sided Tape Instructions

Easy Peel Double Sided Tape Instructions