Custom Printed Machine Tape

At Pomona, we will work closely with your business to design a machine tape that helps to turn every parcel or carton into a valuable form of advertising or brand recognition.

Whether it be tape for chilled products or customised checkout SOLD tape we can print it for you.

Our custom printed machine tapes are available in one, two or three colours with any tape that has an OPP or Vinyl backing. Available in Natural Rubber and Acrylic adhesive

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Custom Printed Machine Rolls

Standard Sizes

24mm x 1000m
36mm x 1000m
48mm x 1000m
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  • A unique form of advertising
  • Increases brand recognition
  • High definition & sharply defined print
  • Cost-effective


Areas of use

  • Carton Sealing

Applicable Industries

  • Packaging
  • Transport/Shipping
  • Food Processing