Duplocoll CPT Series Pure Acrylic Tape

Liner: White Polyethylene Film
Adhesive: Crystal Clear Pure Acrylic

Works well with Duplocoll’s CPT Applicator


SCPT Series

Standard Sizes

7mm x 16.5m
9mm x 16.5m


SCPT Series: Clear
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  • Clear bond due to highly transparent adhesive formulation
  • Good sealing, absorbing & insulating properties
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Resistant to chemicals and softeners
  • Good initial tack, lasting ultimate bond strength
  • Excellent stress-absorber
  • Highly split resistant
  • Suitable for long term use, resistant to ageing and U.V radiation

Areas of use

  • Use where bonds require the highest levels of transparency
  • Joining glass walls together
  • Ideal for luxury shower construction

Applicable Industries

  • Building
  • Sign industry
  • Construction
  • Glazing & Manufacturing industries

Adhesive bonding with DuploCOLL CPT