Single Sided Soft PE Foam Tape



Standard Sizes

6mm thick x 18mm x 15m = 16 rolls / carton


2301: Black
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  • As PE foam contains no plasticizes, so is safe to use with plastic materials
  • The foam tape acts as an Anti-Noise Barrier
  • Excellent for various sealing and closure applications
  • Paper release liner on the non-adhesive face, which reduces dimensional change during the application
  • Very good UV light resistance
  • Resistance to abrasion, corrosion & moisture
  • Clean to use
  • Clean edge finish

Areas of use

  • Forms a compression water seal
  • For preventing electrolytic corrosion
  • For heavy-duty cushioning
  • For high load-bearing applications
  • Forms a compression air & dust seal
  • For gap filling
  • For anti-slip mounting
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor environments

Applicable Industries

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Trade