Pomona is focused on achieving three core sustainability objectives:

Objective 1: Economic Sustainability

Relationships are a key objective to Pomona. The building and maintaining of them takes time and energy, we focus strongly on nurturing our partnerships with customers and suppliers. We know that sustainable, long term relationships are fundamental to our success as a business. We focus on working together with our customers to identify their specific needs and developing innovative solutions to make them more profitable. We believe that as our customers succeed so do we. We also show our commitment to economic sustainability through our investments in technology, equipment and employees. Our success is supported by continuous research, innovation and investment into best practice operations.


Objective 2: Environmental Sustainability

Like many companies, our goal is to effectively manage our environmental impacts. We seek to not just comply with regulations. Our aim is to maximise energy efficiency, maximise recycling, minimise water use, and minimise waste to landfill.


Objective 3: Social Sustainability

As a major New Zealand importing and converting company, we recognise that we have an impact on the environment. it’s our goal to ensure this impact is a positive one.

Pomona is focused on helping create a more sustainable and inclusive society. Community contribution environmentally friendly suppliers and a safe workplace are all key objectives in achieving this aim.


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